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Release schedule information for Katherine M. Lawrence’s Yamabuki books

Cold Blood book coverAs we move out of the dog days of summer into the fall, we’re preparing to release more books by Katherine M. Lawrence. Here’s what we have planned.

First, a couple of announcements pertaining to the Sword of the Taka Samurai series. The next two books following Cold Blood are coming out this fall—and they’re quite a bit longer than Cold Blood.

Cold RainCold Rain (Yamabuki vs. the Ninja Monk), Book Two of Sword of the Taka Samurai, is a novel about three times longer than Cold Blood, and is coming out next month (October 2015). Paperback pre-order is available now. The pre-order for the Kindle version will be coming available in the next few days.

Quickly following that, is Book Three, Cold Heart (Yamabuki vs. the Warlord Prince), coming in November 2015, which also is novel length. You can pre-order Cold Heart as well.

Cold Heart cover

Cold Heart, by Katherine M. Lawrence. (NB: This originally was book two, hence the now-erroneous series designation. We’re updating the cover now.)

The rest of the full seven-book Sword of the Taka Samurai series is slated for release next year. All told, it runs over 300,000 words. We’re releasing the individual books as quickly as we can.

Once the full series is out, we’ll look at offering it as a box set—or perhaps even a mega-novel.

But that’s not all.

Early 2016 we also have slated The Broken Land set in the same period of ancient Japan. This freestanding novel takes place after the events in Sword of the Taka Samurai. More on that very soon!

In 2017 will come the release of Katherine M. Lawrence’s next epic series—this one following Yamabuki as turmoil in Japan cascades into a full-scale civil war—the Genpei War. We’ll have more information on that as we get closer to the release dates.

Also, be sure to follow Katherine M. Lawrence’s blog, where she writes about the world of Yamabuki, discusses the extensive research she has done on ancient Japan, and shares thoughts about her writing process.

We’re very excited to see the interest in Katherine’s saga. I personally feel privileged to have leading our Toot Sweet Ink releases Katherine M. Lawrence’s writing.

Heroines of Fantasy review of Cold Blood

Carlyle Clark writes:

Still, at no time was I bored or worried that major conflict would not be forthcoming, in fact the pace of the story mirrored the feel of the times, which was probably and intentional choice by the author. I can’t tell you why I believe that because it would be a spoiler. In fact, revealing any of the interesting things would be spoilers because they are all weaved together to create a strong ending in which Lawrence was deft enough to play off of reader’s expectations (and my own personal fear this story might tread down the well-worn road toward a condescending but common type of development) to create surprises toward the end which makes me confident she knew what she was doing. You don’t write an excellent story by accident.

That’s just a snippet. Read the whole thing.

Cold Saké signed hardcover giveaway

Through Goodreads, we’re giving away three copies of Cold Saké hardbacks, signed by Katherine M. Lawrence.

Not all vengeance is exacted by the living.

In 12th-century Japan, Yamabuki, a female samurai 17 years old, travels deep into the Oku wilderness.

Along a lonely road, at a forgotten inn, she seeks shelter, warm food, and cold saké.

But as darkness falls, she ends up fighting for her life . . . and she finds that there are terrible things under heaven that no weapon can vanquish, and that her only way to survive is to heal that which cannot be healed.

Giveaway info is at the link below. If you’d like to buy the book, links to where you can get it are on our books page.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Cold Sake by Katherine M. Lawrence

Cold Sake

by Katherine M. Lawrence

Giveaway ends February 22, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Who is the woman hero?

Kate blogs here about her main character, Yamabuki, how she’s different from other woman warriors, and how 12th-century Japan isn’t quite like what you’ve seen in most samurai movies.


Cold Blood cover comp draft 20141122The Yamabuki series is inspired by a 12th-century woman chronicled in historic writings of the times. It is said Yamabuki was beautiful and that she accompanied Yoshinaka, The Rising Sun General, and Tomoe Gozen, a more famous woman warrior on their adventures and into battle. Some accounts even say she was a general who led troops into ferocious battles.

In writing I hoped as much as possible to avoid setting the action in Tokugawa era, which is familiar to many fans of historic Japan. The 12th-century Japan was very different from the 17th century. This required leaving behind fond images of geisha, two-sword samurai with shaven pate and wearing hair in a topknot, ritualized harakiri, Japanese baths, tatami mats, tea ceremonies, and a host of other things–which Ivan Morris warns us about in his “World of the Shining Prince.”

But mostly, I wanted to write about the humanity of my…

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Cold Blood, by Katherine M. Lawrence, is now available on Kindle

Our new title, Cold Blood, by Katherine M. Lawrence, is out on Kindle (and Kindle Unlimited)!

“Ever kill a man?” The fencing master’s eyes searched hers. “I can see you haven’t. That takes cold blood.”

Cold Blood book cover

Sixteen-year-old Taka Yamabuki, royal by birth, but samurai by training, embarks upon her first mission: to deliver important dispatches to the capital. Untested and traveling alone for the first time in her life, Yamabuki encounters a vivid tapestry of natural beauty, unusual characters, unexpected friendships, and indiscriminate brutality and violence.
But an unknown assassin dogs her trail. And before she knows it, her life hangs in the balance.
A lyrical tale of adventure, young love, and self-discovery, Cold Blood brings alive the experience of a young woman warrior in 12th-century Japan.

On Kindle now. Coming very soon in hardback and paperback.